Entrepreneurs: Stop Leaving Projects Half-Finished — Emily Perron

Entrepreneurs are often visionaries. That is, they’re the big idea people who can dream up incredible visions… even if they don’t necessarily have a plan to execute such a vision.

I’m certainly guilty, and if you’re a visionary, I have a feeling you’re over there raising your hand high with me.

We get flooded with ideas and inspiration all the time and can come up with creative solutions or unusual approaches to problems. This post outlines the 7 biggest characteristics of a visionary- check it out to see if you fit the bill.

But, just because we prefer the big picture over the minutiae doesn’t mean our constant idea-casting isn’t worthwhile. It just means we need help following through!

I recently wrapped up a mini-course that I have been so excited to share with more entrepreneurs. It’s all about what I wish more people were talking about when it comes to hiring freelancers. (If you’re interested, sign up for it here !)

Along the way, though, as we built out this project that I was SO jazzed about, I got distracted more than once… Ok, more than a few times-you caught me.

This is what happens with visionaries!

I’d venture to guess the same thing has happened to you when you’ve been working on a big project.

Visionaries dream the big dreams. We start the ones that excite us the most. We continue having ideas pop into mind as we work on one idea. And we get tempted to STOP that project to pursue the newer, “shinier” ideas.

Did I just read your mind?! (Or am I totally just showing my own cards here…)

As my team and I created the mini-course, I had so many moments where I felt like I should be focusing my attention elsewhere. There was even one point where I wanted to pause the mini-course production to completely re-record and re-do the slides for my FULL digital course (that we completed just a few months ago and hadn’t even been released yet!).

See what I mean?

Distractions abound when progress isn’t immediate, especially when you’re a visionary. Maybe you can relate…

The thing that kept me going was, first and foremost, my incredible Online Business Manager, Natasha, who is a wiz when it comes to keeping deadlines and following through on details. Plus, I realized a few key actions that contributed to my follow-through.

3 key actions visionaries need to gain momentum & follow through on projects:

1. Show up every day.

2. Stay connected to the purpose of the project.

3. Trust that it will come together.

Self-discipline is a learned behavior.

They create momentum, and momentum builds discipline. I fully believe that self-discipline is a learned behavior that you can practice by continuing to show up, stay connected to your goal and trust the process. It’s so worth it once you cross that finish line.

Originally published at https://www.emilyperron.com on September 8, 2020.

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